Lova sling Nordic star : a review. 

When Alice Chau, the lady behind Lova sling asked me to host a wrap from her company I jumped at the chance. This brand is an up and coming Irish based company with the slings woven in Estonia. I’d heard so much about them and was excited to try. If you haven’t heard of them you need to read this! 

First impressions were how striking the pattern is in person. It’s like a really cool optical illusion. It felt very textured in hand and a little stiff so I knew it needed a wash to fluff up the fibers. So I had to wait to use it! 

When I’d washed and and dried it it felt so different. It has a bit of stretch but is more solid than most other all cotton I’m used to. The weave lends itself to a lovely amount of cush. I braved the ultimate test. My 5 year old in a front carry. The carry is an inside out coolest hip carry with a slip knot. This wrap is lovely to wrap with. It’s thin in hand so it does what it’s told. A nice texture so passes stay in place but not too much so it glides easily. Felt lovely on my shoulders. Didn’t sag or slip at all. Very impressed. 

Next we tried a double hammock with a candy cane chest belt with my 2.5 year old.it didn’t disappoint. As I spread the pass it struck me this would be an excellent wrap to learn with. It really just responds so well to tightening and the benefits of a good wrap job are immediately obvious. Yet the cush of the weave means a less than perfect wrap job would also be easily forgiven. I personally would need a multi layer carry for my big toddler to be comfortable. But for a smaller lighter child this is ideal for a single layer carry. 

The price point of these wraps is also excellent for beginners. A size 6 is 129 euro. So if you didn’t love wrapping it would be easy to sell on and not loose a frightening amount of money! Lova sling also make Mei deis and ring slings from the same lovely fabric. 

I find the pattern and colours very neutral and flattering. Although I’ve been know for favouring colour I do really like the monochrome look sometimes too! This pattern is available in red and blue also. 

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